Thursday, April 02, 2015

Tsoukou tsoukou

House and home are two different things. House is a place for our body but home is place for our soul. Home is a nest of love and care. Mine nest is this small cafe. A place where a friend is always waiting for me!

In Thessaloniki's downtown at Alexandrou Svolou street 55, day and night, winter and summer, there is always room for warmhearted and friendly people.

Rock music, hot and cool beverages, tasty dishes and refreshing cocktails. Solo or with company, you will never feel alone and you will always make new friends.

Koralia with the pink hair, Anastasia with the black are the two sweet hostesses.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

In the countryside

Living in the countryside isn't always pleasant. Boredom can be a daily problem. Places that you've get used to them and they have nothing new to give you. People that tend to be unfriendly with the newcomers.
At those times of total ennui, i take my camera and i go out for treasure hunting. I try to spot new views, corners, plants and animals and see general the same things from a different perspective.

So these are some images from my place in east Thessaloniki.