Friday, March 18, 2016

It's all about the sea


It's always about the sea, either you look straight into the blue, or you turn your head to the other side.
Leaving in a coastal city seams that everybody is attached to the sea. 
But has it been always like that?
The answer is, no. 
Citizens of Thessaloniki were not aficionados of the water in the past. 
Strange right? 
Not so strange if we take a look back in the history.
See that tall stone tower in the picture? 
This building used to be a prison during the days of Turkish occupation. 
Countless people till 1912 had been tortured and killed inside those heavy walls.
Moreover citizens were not able to see the sea at all. 
A gigantic fortress was running along the coast, isolating the city from the rest world.
Just during the past few decades locals managed to redefine their relationship with the water.
And believe me, despite of all the past traumas, this part of the planet is really peaceful.
You will never see those waters angry no matter how bad the weather is.
Only the fog will blur your sight during the rainy days...

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My come back

The essential break, a halt between actions and decisions. Mostly a need to gather my thoughts and my moves.

This blog started as a tour of my home city Thessaloniki but my need for expression goes farther than that. Some difficulties with the English language and some serious health issues made me stick to my basic Greek blog andromeda my galaxy, but know i feel much more confident to make a come back.

Touring will be always my jumping-off point but this time the most important for me will be the journey in daily urban life. Thoughts, feelings and impressions.

I may not had the chance to know you better until now, but somehow i feel i will have this honor in time.

Well any contribution with the language will be greeted!

The beautiful  sunwashed house is a souvenir from another pretty city of Greece, Halkida.