Monday, October 27, 2014

Rainy prayers

I guess when it's rainy in Thessaloniki the weather is worse than London...
Rainy these days go by and the winter is close colder and sadder than ever.

Tomorrow is a big national day for the town and the whole country, the day when the Greek resistance against the fascism began. This is the Agia Sofia's square, a historical square where thousand of our citizens executed by the Nazis during the war II.

I can't explain this, but each year, at this day weather is always rainy.

The monument that you see is a medieval byzantine church dedicated to the wisdom of God. That's why is called Agia Sofia. Agia goes for the word ''holy'' and Sofia for the word ''wisdom''.

The two small arcs at the both sides of the entrance (in the 4th image) are called chapels and people always have the habit to light a small candle there. This happens to every church.

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