Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Clean Monday

Today, i will introduce you to a Greek custom, the Clean Monday celebration. Clean Monday is the first day of the Easter fast. We call it clean cause we stop eating meat, fish and milk products and we start cleaning ourselves as well from every toxic behavior and emotion. (at least we try) For more information check this link.
On this day we use to organize some folk festivals with traditional music and delicious fasting meals. Some outdoor activities like picnic and flying a kite are in the day plan too. 

Each municipality organizes each own festival and i will show you some images from my township's events.

 Maybe you can recognize the maypole dance which is a very common custom in all Europe. 

And now a small taste of Greek folk music.

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  1. I enjoyed the music Christina, merci beaucoup. Love the idea of 'clean Monday' .. Might be a good idea every Monday, not just for Lent oui!

  2. Hello Christina,
    That's very nice!!
    A nice and cozy event and wondeful to see all the kites.

    Hugs, Marco