Saturday, March 07, 2015

In college

Some views of my college's cafe. Here i' ve spent the most important years of my life. And believe me those years are many. My studies took much longer than i ve expected. Sometimes life plays tricks on us, but ''The show must go on''! At least this place is beautiful!

Would you like to listen to a Greek song from a local singer? 
It's a folk nostalgic song, talking about a guy who goes for  a walk to his old neighborhoods of Thessaloniki.  
Nikos Papazoglou the artist.

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  1. Studying in fabulous surroundings makes it so much easier Christina :)

  2. I agree with PerthDP. Lovely tree shots.

  3. Το θέμα είναι να τελειώσεις.. το λίγο παραπάνω δεν πειράζει!! Ωραίο όμως το περιβάλλον!! :))